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How Data Analytics Can Jumpstart Your Career

An inside look at the career paths, job market, and education tracks in this growing field. If you're looking to break into an IT career, this guide will get you started! 


The Gateway to Your Dream Job

If you're looking to start a career in the computer science or IT space, data analytics can pave the path for you. The barriers to entry are lower than you think — learn more inside the guide.


What is Data Analytics?

Gain an understanding of the (growing) landscape of data analytics applications. Get an inside look at the data analytics field — what it is, how it's growing, and the opportunities it presents for you. 


Data Analytics Career Paths

Wondering about the types of jobs and industries that open up to you with a data analytics skillset? Our guide examines both of those areas to help you determine if data analytics is the right path for you.

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Data Analytics Salary Expectations

As you consider pursuing a career in computer science or IT through data analytics, it's important to know the level of financial compensation you can expect. Spoiler alert: data analytics careers pay a modest salary and offer solid advancement tracks. Take a closer look inside.


How to Become a Data Analyst

Regardless of your technical background or experience level, it's easier to establish yourself in a data analytics career than you think. Check out the common paths to your new career along with some fast track options.


Education Tracks for Data Analytics

As a subset of computer science, formal data analytics education can equip you with a well-rounded range of technical skills that enable you to break into the IT field. Our guide helps you weigh your education options.

Take a look inside

Entry into a new career field can be tough to research and navigate alone, so we've compiled hours of searching into one helpful guide. Here's a taste of the insights waiting for you inside.

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What you'll gain from the guide

An Action Plan

If you're considering a career in data analytics, we want to help you get there! To get you on your way, our guide presents several tried-and-true avenues that can help launch you into the field.

Real Industry and Career Insights

Whether you're already thinking about getting into data analytics or are just starting, our guide is designed to give you a real look at the data analytics field.  

Data Analytics Career Guidance

Entering into a new career can be difficult to navigate, especially on your own. But you're not alone — we're here to offer guidance and help you achieve your goals.

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