How You Can Use this Guide

Going back to finish your college degree is such an exciting consideration, but it’s also a tough conversation to have with yourself. This guide is designed to help you hold that conversation in a real, practical sense.

Keep reading for more important questions that will help you determine if completing your degree is the right path and, if so, key areas to look for so that you can find a program you’ll confidently complete. 

Let’s get started!

Finishing Your Degree

First of all… congratulations! Taking the steps to finish your degree is a huge decision but one that’s so worthwhile.

There could be a hundred reasons why you might not go back to school when you consider your family, finances, career, and already-too-little free time. The fact that you’re even exploring these options and you see the value of getting your degree is impressive. You should be proud of that.

Finishing your degree within a certain time frame is actually less common than you think.

Only 41% of bachelor's degree earners graduate within four years.

So you're not alone. Not even close.